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Case Study: Helping A Team Sell with Unique Sales Resource Materials

sales materials

What kind of resources do you arm your sales team with when they go out on the road, staff a conference or pick up a phone? If you're selling a multi-faceted product with a variety of different benefits, as our client CollegeWeekLive does, creative sales materials can make all the difference in how effectively your sales team can talk about what you can offer.

4 Questions to Consider Before Your Next Print Project

Print Project

At Ambit Creative Group, we have worked with countless clients that come to us with specific project guidelines in mind and walk away with something completely different. Sometimes a 5,000-count postcard mailer will turn into a 500-person email campaign with completely different message. As part of our service to clients, we ask a multitude of questions and thoughts to consider before starting a new project. Today, we’ve compiled the top questions to ask before you move forward with your next campaign. Answering these questions prior to beginning a project will save you a lot of time and headaches and ensure that you’ll get the best return on your dollar.

Make Your Marketing Piece Stand Out with Folding + a Giveaway!


Top 8 Branding Blogs to Follow

iStock 000019405662 Double resized 600

While we hope you enjoy reading our blog here at Ambit Creative Group, there is a whole World Wide Web out there with limitless content. The nuggets of value out there are incredible, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to sort through the madness and spend time reading the really insightful blogs that will make a difference to your business. For today’s blog, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite marketing blogs with an emphasis on branding. If you have some time, definitely check these out, as they are worth a read to help elevate your brand and bring it to the next level.

Case Study: Cross-Media Marketing Delivers Results

Direct Mail 1

In 2015, most companies are engaged in some sort of email marketing--to varied degrees of success. A fantastic, content-rich email campaign can be an incredible tool for lead generation and customer contact. But if you're looking to turbo-charge a marketing campaign, combine email marketing with direct mail to grab the attention of your top prospects.

Spring Outdoor Marketing Trends

outdoor tent

Now that we’re officially in the Spring season, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor marketing options and what you might need to add into your arsenal of outdoor marketing tools for upcoming events. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the latest trends and wanted to share some unique new products that will kick your branding up a notch this season. Whether you’re participating in an outdoor event with other vendors, or are moving your own brand outdoors, there are some exciting new options to consider:

How We Saved Energy with an LED Lighting Project

LED replacement project

Sustainability is a big focus here at Ambit Creative Group, so when the opportunity to save on energy by installing LED lights came up, we jumped on it. Our focus was on creating a better lit environment while also saving energy and money with more efficient lighting, all using local contractors and vendors.

Preparing Printing Files: How to Avoid the Top 4 Mistakes

prepping the image resized 600

When you put time, effort and money into a printed piece, you want to ensure the highest quality final product. At Ambit Creative Group, we guide our customers through every step of the printing process to ensure the best end result. That excellence starts at the very beginning of the project creation. Today on our blog, we’re going to cover the top mistakes we see in preparing printing files, so you can start your next project off on the right foot and guarantee exceptional quality.

Nurturing and Delivering Sales Ready Leads with Marketing Automation

describe the image

At most companies--likely at yours--the marketing team is focused on new customer acquisition. They are laser-focused on delivering leads and converting customers, but a shift in philosophy to the deilvery of sales ready leads can increase marketing ROI and shift your sales revenue results.

Tips for Effective Variable Data Printing

iStock 000016328634 Medium resized 600

Effective marketing techniques make an impact on your audience so that they remember your brand and take the action that you encourage. At Ambit Creative Group, we’ve found that using variable data printing can be a very effective tool in making that initial connection with your audience. Sound fancy? In simple terms, variable data printing is a form of digital printing where you can change text or graphics from one printed piece to the next to create a personalized marketing piece for your specific customer. For example, sometimes you receive an email that say, “Hi Sally” instead of “Hi there” – variable data printing takes it a step further and speaks to recipients personally with customized text, imagery and offers based on their specific needs. (IE: a postcard with a person scrawling your name in the sand on a beach) Creating this personalization is key to grabbing the attention of your customer, making them feel like you understand their needs and getting the results you want. Variable data printing can increase response rates up to 7 times greater than conventional mail. Interested in learning more? Here are a few best practices when utilizing variable data printing:

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