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5 Steps to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Tips

If you're a marketer creating your 2015 budget, have you included one or more direct mail campaigns for the year? Some companies worry about spending on direct mail, knowing that its cost can be higher than email or other electronic forms of marketing, but is effectiveness in reaching the target audience, garnering a response and cutting through the clutter of email marketing can't be underestimated.

5 Tips for Designing Event Marketing Materials

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When you exhibit at an event, you want to make a lasting impression on your prospects. From on-site marketing pieces to takeaways that attendees will look back on after the event, you want to make sure that your event marketing materials reflect your brand, clearly communicate the message you want to get across and encourage action. At Ambit, we help clients revamp their event marketing materials and know what it takes to create the best. Today on our blog, we have 5 tips to help you as you design your next event marketing materials.

Register to Receive Ambit's 2015 Desk Calendar!

2015 ACG Calendar Cover

One of the best parts of working at Ambit Creative Group is our central location in Cambridge's Kendall Square and the opportunity to meet so many local businesses. When we began our business as a Minuteman Press more than 22 years ago, we loved to travel throughout the city to knock on doors and gain clients' trust in person. In our travels, Dave Reed, one of our co-founders, began taking photographs of city landmarks, quirks and views and we eventually turned them into a yearly desk calendar.

Hot Trends in Corporate Apparel: Guest Post by City Sporting Goods

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Whether you’re giving out employee gifts or recognizing dedicated staff, corporate apparel is a great option. And, since your logo is included on the clothes, it’s important that your brand is reflected in the style of the clothing you choose.   You want to choose corporate apparel that’s both a classic piece your employees will wear over again and again while being on trend for the season. That’s where Ambit Creative Group comes in! Today on our blog, we have an expert in corporate apparel to tell us what’s in style this season.

'Tis the Season... For Corporate Holiday Cards & Gifts!

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We know: there are still pumpkins on your doorstep--do we really have to bring up the dreaded H-word? But as October draws to a close, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your corporate holiday cards and gifts. This is an area that many companies spend a fair amount of time and money on--but that they don't put much thought into when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Have you been sending generic cards with your name printed in them every year? It's time to shake it up.

Engaging Visitors At Your Tradeshow Booth

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This fall, we’ve talked a lot about attracting the audience at conventions through giveaways and the right booth design. However, we know that an effective event marketing strategy is all about the follow through and what happens once attendees enter your booth. Your company will be most successful when attendees are interested and engaged about learning what you have to offer and continue to think about your product after they’ve left.

Effective Marketing on a Small Budget

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It’s great to dream big – everyone should reach for the sky. But, in today’s world, with budget constraints, most people know that not everything can be done all at once. Many of our clients ask us for advice on how to make the most out of their budget and create the most efficient marketing program possible. At Ambit, it’s our goal to help clients create the most valuable marketing programs on whatever budget they’re working with. So, today on our blog we have some tips that we’ve learned along the way for how to create effective marketing programs on small budgets.

The Latest Trends in Tradeshow Booth Design

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It’s that time of year! You take a look at last season’s tradeshow booth and remember how stale your design was looking compared to all of the cool, new cutting-edge booths that you were situated next to. This year, you want a completely new look with the latest trends in tradeshow design to make a real impact on the audience and draw a crowd to your booth. Never fear – Ambit is here! There is always time to revamp your look.

5 Tactics for Marketing and Sales Alignment

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Sales and Marketing. Marketing and Sales. The marriage is ever-present, but not without some bumps in the road. At Ambit, we’ve worked with enough marketing departments to know that marketing can sometimes take the blame for sales (and vice-versa if we’re being fair about it!). It’s easy to point the finger at one department or another for a variety of issues, but the real area to focus on is how to integrate the departments to further the company goals and create success for the company as a whole.

The Ultimate Guide to a Cross-Media Marketing Campaign

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In the marketing world, we know there is a lot of terminology and jargon that floats around. Multi-Channel Marketing, Cross-Media Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Marketing Segmentation, Enterprise Marketing, Consumer-Initiated Marketing and the list could go on and on. Some are just buzzwords, but others are true marketing techniques that are here to stay. The bottom line is that as a marketer, you want to deliver your message in the most effective way to your target customer that gets results.

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