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The power of print: What your tablet can't do

Fun use of paper

A friend of ours recently sent us this video. We think it’s pretty funny.

The Short Guide to Creating Engaging Email Marketing

Audience shot

Andrew, one of Ambit’s graphic designers, forwarded me a very interesting article, “How To Raise Your Email Above Inbox Noise,” from Smashing Magazine on effective email design (as our technical lead, this is something that he comes across and thinks about often). It got me thinking about approaches to email and how to increase engagement. What follows is my little summary of Fabio Carneiro’s article, and my take on what you can do a little differently.

Book publishing: What is a Blad?

Angry sheep needs a blad

Pop quiz - what is a blad?

  1. The sound made by an angry sheep
  2. Vlad the Impaler’s kindhearted brother
  3. Outtake #23 from a certain Michael Jackson album
  4. A promotional item for a book to be published
  5. A ridiculous word that’s fun to say

There are two correct answers to this – while I’m partial to the angry sheep (so long as it’s not running at me), a blad is a promotional item for an unpublished book. Plus, it’s fun to say (try it: blad, blad, blad…). Producing (or even designing) blads is an Ambit specialty – here’s a quick primer of what they are and how they’re used.

Preparing to self publish: A Designer's Approach

Writer John

On-demand printing has revolutionized the way would-be authors approach their work. In the old days, there were two real options: 1) Shop your book around until you found a publisher, or 2) finance the printing yourself and hope to recoup the expense by selling directly. On-demand printing and eBooks have completely changed this dynamic – now, some authors are choosing to self-publish their books through print-on-demand services like and bypass publishers entirely. It’s faster, cheaper, and without an upfront production expense. The question is, how does a potential author go from a text document to a professionally formatted book, ready to hit the press?

Printing tips: Why PDFs are the best format for printing

Download PDF Print Reference Guide

When thinking about the Ambit Creative Group list of frequently asked questions, the topic that comes to mind is often file formats. We’ve been around awhile and have seen them all – Word, Quark, even a MacPaint file or two was known to grace our presses back in the day. Now, the industry standard is Adobe Acrobat’s Portable Document Format, better known as the PDF. We’ll take you through why we love PDFs, how creating your own PDFs can save you time and money, and some tips to help minimize adjustments from the printer.

Seven Office Promotional Product Ideas for the New Year

Ambit calendar

As we come to the official end of summer, we at Ambit are thinking about next year. Specifically, we’re working on our annual CD desk calendar, which has become a real tradition. Our calendar is composed of photos taken by one of Ambit’s owners and has become a nice way to say thank you to our community while helping our friends look forward to the New Year. We know the calendars are appreciated – we typically start receiving requests in July – and we’re always happy to see the reaction when we hand them out.

Ambit's new (temporary) home, plus bonus Kendall Square trivia!

Future home of Ambit Creative Group

Big changes are afoot in Kendall Square. In addition to the nearly $2 billion of new real estate development taking place is a dramatic change to our own space – 5 Cambridge Center (our home), 4 Cambridge Center, and 3 Cambridge Center are being dramatically altered  to give anchor tenant Google additional square footage and uninterrupted floor space (at right - source: Elkus Manfred Architects). 

Creating a corporate brochure: 8 Tips


One of the major themes that we tackle in this blog is how marketing has changed dramatically over the past decade. The irony is that as the focus shifts to digital, the print produced becomes more important. Chief among these pieces is the corporate brochure – its design speaks volumes about your creativity, culture, and commitment to your brand and its physicality announces your presence to your prospects.

What is Every Door Direct Mail?


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) has been recently introduced by the US Postal Service as a highly targeted, more cost-efficient approach to direct mail. With EDDM, companies can choose to quickly deliver to every mailbox within a carrier route for relatively low postage.

A great first impression: Proper business card etiquette

Proper business card etiquette

At Ambit Creative Group, we pride ourselves on designing and producing distinctive business cards.

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